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Social Media Management


There's nothing worse than bad quality content! Your potential buyers aren't going to be wowed by your products/services if your online presence isn't up to scratch. In order to capture attention on social media, your content must be visually appealing and the copy must be interesting and easy to read.

We will ensure that your social media accounts are not only nice to look at, but are also well managed and planned in a way that we believe is best for you, as inconsistency and poor planning can cause damage to your online and overall presence.


We'll carefully select the best quality images and videos, and even spruce them up if need be, to make sure your content attracts the right people. 

We recommend that each of our clients invests in a photoshoot (which we offer too) of their products or services at least once a year, but preferably twice. This way, there is always fresh, beautiful content to be used for your accounts.

How we can help you?

  • Full social media account management for Facebook and Instagram

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Content creation

  • Beautifully curated and carefully thought out content that suits your brand 

  • Monthly planning meetings and content calendars

  • Daily page management - responding to all messages, comments, reviews and more

  • End of month analytics reports

  • Competitions and Boosting

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